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Updated: Jun 28, 2023

OPEN PENNANTS As I sit here and ponder what to write in this update, today we are going into our 4th round of Grade 5 Open Pennants - only 6 more to go. This is traditionally a blokes domain and perhaps a home game might give us a leg up and help us better our bowling prowess. Up until now, whilst we have been forging friendships around the Coast, we have been sadly outclassed in the bowls department. On Week 1 we hosted The Entrance Club. For those who don’t know, Pennants is usually a very austere occasion and the writer probably needs a roll or two of gaffer tape across her mouth! But Week 1 was also the fabulous and hugely patronised Seafood Festival hosted by the club, with excellent live music happening near to the green - the ultimate distraction for those who take their bowls seriously! We were concerned that The Entrance might get more than a little upset by the distractions, but they shared in the fun and festivities and had a great day with us. On a side note, this week we celebrated International Women’s Day, and we are probably the only club to have fielded so many women in the comp. We need to give ourselves a huge pat on the back. Also, our Greenkeeper Chubbsy needs a mention here. Not only us but our opposition were suitably impressed with the quality of our green. Thanks Chubbsy!

CLUB CHRISTMAS PARTY Our last update saw us anticipating a huge, glittery post dinner affair with the Pearls celebrating our 6th Christmas around the sun. This year we decided to mix it up and some of the Mud Crabs also attended. After dinner, we retired from Coastal’s deck to the Annexe for the usual awards followed by a few high jinx, lots of fun and laughter and we didn’t disappoint. Our new members got to see the silly side of us (as if they hadn’t already???), but I’ll admit we kept a bit in reserve as we weren’t going to let the Mud Crabs in on all our secrets!!!

THE GREEN IS OUT Throughout December and January we continued to clean out the old bowls from the locker room, reunite those we could, and re-home the others into a garden edging along the Annexe. When we ran out of old bowls we put a call out to other clubs and The War Vets Club at Narrabeen kindly donated some. The project is nearly complete, just needing some more mulch and deck finish. (On a side note the deck is is quite slippery in the wet and needs an anti-slip additive in the final finish.) The 2nd spotlight was also installed by some dedicated Mud Crab members and we will be excited to use it, particularly for twilight bowls in the cooler months. The much anticipated reopening of the green finally happened on 25th January with lots of happy smiles on dials.

AND FINALLY... Wednesday afternoon socials are still proving to be most popular with plenty of new faces coming and going. The only way is up! We also have Gosford Mens Shed building new boxes to house the barefoot bowls (for occasional club patron use) and these should be ready in the next week or two. The old olds were becoming dangerous. Thanks for your support in this project.

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