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Lawn Bowls


Come and enjoy playing, eating, drinking, and relaxing with the Mooney Mooney Club. Joining the men's or women's Bowling Clubs is easy, simply fill out our Membership Application form to secure your membership. 

Member Benefits

The Mooney Mooney Club offers a wide range of events, planned activities, and competitions throughout the year, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy lawn bowling and want to participate in a variety of activities. 


Firstly, joining the men's (The Mudcrabs) or the women's (The Pearls) bowling clubs provides access to regular games and competitions, allowing members to improve their skills and compete against other members in a friendly and supportive environment. The clubs also hosts a range of tournaments, including inter-club competitions, which provide members with the opportunity to test their abilities against players from other clubs. 

The clubs also hosts social events, including dinners, barbecues, and parties, which allow members to socialize with other members in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. These events can be a great way to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships.


Overall, being a member provides access to a wide range of activities and events, including regular games, tournaments, social events, and coaching sessions. These activities can help members improve their skills, build new friendships, and enjoy a fun and rewarding hobby.

Lawn Bowls
Bowlers at Mooney Mooney Bowling Club

Membership Application Form

Join the Mooney Mudcrabs (Men’s) or Mooney Pearls (Women’s). Fill in the form below and become a member! 

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