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2024 Season Events

  • Mixed Pairs 2024 to commence 22nd June 2024.

  • Women’s Club Singles 2024 - winner Anastasia Delaportas

  • Men’s Club Singles 2024 TBA

  • Dangar Island / Mooney Club ‘The Green is Out’ Invitational Trophy commences November 2024 at Dangar Island

Play, Eat, Drink, & Relax All Year Round!

What We Offer

The Mooney Mooney Club in conjunction with 'The Mudcrabs' and 'The Pearls' offer a range of events, planned activities, functions, and competitions throughout the year, including:

Regular games:

Members and guests can participate in socials bowls each Wednesday afternoon at 4pm or by booking at Club Reception. 

The Mud Crabs bowl each Saturday at 12:30pm and The Pearls bowl every second Sunday at 9:30am. Please contact us for information on joining.


The club hosts a variety of tournaments throughout the year, including singles, pairs, triples, and fours competitions. These tournaments provide a chance for members to test their skills against other members of the club and players from other clubs. 

Club championships:

The club hosts annual championships for members, including singles, pairs, triples, and fours competitions. 

Inter-club competitions:

The club participates in inter-club competitions with other local clubs, providing a chance for members to compete against players from other clubs.

Have A Go evenings:

The club hosts regular free 'Have A Go' evenings which encourages new bowlers to come along and try out lawn bowls in a relaxed social atmosphere.  Our member bowlers take new bowlers under their wings to show them the basics and get them hooked on the sport.  Equipment and tuition is provided. Contact us if interested.

Overall, the Mooney Mooney Club provides a diverse range of events and activities throughout the year, catering to the interests and abilities of all members.

Mooney Mooney Bowling Club
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