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The last time I reported back to the Committee we were almost half way through the Pennant season. The Pearls had signed up a significant cohort that enabled the men's club to enter 3 teams to meet the competition guidelines. Week 5 and, in a first, one of our 3 teams won against Everglades in a home game. That was an

exciting day and followed up by another win against The Entrance in Week 6. The excitement was palpable when, in Week 7, Mooney actually hit the lead on the “big board” for a while against Halekulani. We held our own against Umina in Week 8 until slain in the latter part of the match.

We also had a lot of fun at Wyong in Week 9 but didn’t bring home any bacon! Our final game was against Everglades again, and we jumped out of the starting gates and all three Mooney teams led until 1/2 way through. Our third team were “over the moon jubilant”, being victorious in a hard fought and very narrow 18-17 win on the final end. No matter where we travelled, or whoever we entertained in home games, we were always congratulated on our friendly, open and sportsman-like manner, not to mention our great hospitality. We seem to have gained a reputation all over the coast as being the friendliest club around! It was agreed that whilst we were pegged a little high in the divisional stakes, the season

was an outstanding success and a great conduit to forge friendships and improve our game against other, more experienced bowlers.


In the midst of the Men's Open Pennant Competition, we needed to also get on with the Women's Singles Comp so we put our pedal to the metal in mid April and pushed on with a speedy comp. The final had the grandstand packed to capacity, including the bin chickens, cockies and lorikeets all fighting for a branch on a tree. After an “edge of your seat” battle, Kanga (aka Karen) was victorious over Anastasia & went on to represent us at the State Singles Championships last week.


Unlike last year when the Singles Championships were held in Port Macquarie and we made a holiday out of it, this year they were held in Sydney’s south western suburbs. The Club graciously lent the bus and the cheer squad all climbed on board last foggy Monday morning and lumbered our way through the dense traffic heading to Kanga’s first game at Mt. Lewis Bowls Club. Some arts and crafts kept us busy on the way as we made a banner, and we piled out at the other end full of excitement. Karen’s first opponent was strong, over anxious but jubilant in victory. Whilst she lost her other game, the sense of friendship and sportsmanship built between the two in such a short time was on show for all to see. Love our Pearls!


Wednesday afternoon social sunset bowls are still a hit with the locals basking under the brilliant setting skies.

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